Responding to Mpox: Communities, Communication, and Infrastructures

Responding to Mpox: Communities, Communication, and Infrastructures

The ESRC IPPO Mpox Project is pleased to launch its report on the outbreak, Responding to Mpox: Communities, Communication, and Infrastructures.

Download the full report here.

The 2022 Mpox outbreak saw community organisations and sexual health services rise to the challenge of rapidly responding to a public health emergency. Nevertheless, the experience showed that successfully responding to an outbreak is often dependent on preparedness, planning, and existing infrastructure, and success in future outbreaks and scenarios may depend on this work being undertaken now.

This report, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), sets out key findings about the successes and challenges in the response to Mpox in the UK and internationally and makes research-based policy recommendations for future similar contexts. These include suggesting that:

  • Collaborative relationships with community organisations should be proactively fostered before an outbreak occurs, to build preparedness and resilience; and that
  • Governments should appreciate and appropriately resource social and medical infrastructure, including sexual health services, as these are key actors in responding to an outbreak such as Mpox.

For other future scenarios including a potential rebounding of cases, the report further recommends actions including:

  • Deploying successful interventions such as co-producing messaging with and for affected communities; and
  • Targeting support to those facing additional barriers to accessing healthcare.

The report contains a full list of key findings and policy recommendations and sets out further avenues for research illuminated by the project.

The report will be launched at an online event via Zoom on Tuesday, 28th March 2023 at 12 noon BST.  Sign up for free here.